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    With Sam Crowell

    This Masterclass will be a non-technical overview of the intersection of these insights and perspectives and what they mean concretely when applied to education. The times we live in call for real change in the ways we educate. These times challenge the very purpose of education but there is little guidance for educators in how to move toward a new vision within the context of conventional classrooms. The ideas presented here are applicable to any grade level, subject area, or institutional setting. They have produced award-winning teachers and schools who are attuned to students as whole beings with purpose and agency to transform the world.

    This masterclass will blend intellectual and experiential processes intended to inspire the mind and heart rather than merely provide content. Each person is considered a resource where interactive learning and personal consolidation are valued and encouraged.

    What is a Masterclass?
    It is a two-hour class facilitated by a person (together with a moderator) in relation to a topic of their experience and interest, with a space for questions and interaction between the participants. The Masterclass will be held live on the Zoom platform.

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